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If you are looking to start selling electrical products, it is important that you understand the rules that apply to the product and plan how to ensure that all requirements are met.

The National Electrical Safety Board's web site contains the applicable laws, ordinances and regulations concerning requirements for the products for which the National Electrical Safety Board performs market surveillance. It also contains guides and information to help you on your way.

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Make a list of the products you are making available

The most important thing is to know which products you are making available. Note that the definition of 'making available' is quite broad, and also includes leasing and certain gifts.

Identify your role and responsibilities

Which economic operator are you or your company? Are you the manufacturer, importer or distributor? Knowing your role is essential if you are to understand what responsibility you have. For example, the law defines many organisations as manufacturers without them even knowing it. Also note that you could be the manufacturer for some of the products you sell and the distributor for others.

How will your product be used?

Will the product be used in an industrial environment, explosive environment (ATEX), for professional use, by the general public or aimed at children? The target group for the product can determine which regulations are applicable, how the product must be declared, labelled and connected, and how the user manuals and installation instructions must be designed.

Research the regulations and list the rules that apply to the product

Find out which rules apply to your product. The rules for which the National Electrical Safety Board performs market surveillance are listed on the Acts and regulations pages. You also need to work out what other product directives apply to the product.

Make sure you have access to the right expertise

The regulatory framework governing products is extensive, and you will need to devote resources – time as well as expertise – to ensuring that the requirements are met. If you do not have access to the necessary expertise now, make sure you acquire it.

Guarantee compliance

Now you need to make sure that you and your product meet all the relevant requirements. Our rules on products state clearly what applies to you. Then you can get going.

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Last reviewed: 2023-03-20