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Laws and regulations

The work of the National Electrical Safety Board is largely governed by laws and regulations passed by the parliament and government of Sweden. We also carry out our own work to develop and pass regulations.

The rules on electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) are based on three laws:

  • Electrical Safety Act (elsäkerhetslagen)
  • Toys Act (leksakslagen)
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Act (lagen om elektromagnetisk kompatibilitet).

In addition, the Government has passed ordinances containing more detailed rules in the areas of electrical systems, electrical installation work, authorisation, products and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). There is a lot of guidance from EU directives and regulations too. 

The National Electrical Safety Board also works to develop and pass regulations concerning electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility. These are published in the National Electrical Safety Board's code of statutes called ELSÄK-FS. 

Supervision to verify legal compliance

To make sure that the laws relating to electricity are followed and that electrical systems and electrical products are safe and interference-free, we perform supervision of electrical systems, electrical products, electrical installation companies and authorised electricians. If we identify any hazards or find that the applicable rules are not being followed, we can require the electrical system to be shut down, ban the sale of the electrical product, stop the electrical installation company operating, or revoke authorisation.

Last reviewed: 2023-06-20