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What is authorisation?

"Authorised electrician" is a regulated profession, which means you can only work as an authorised electrician if you have official authorisation. Applications for authorisation are submitted to the National Electrical Safety Board. There are different types of authorisation depending on the kinds of electrical installation work you intend to carry out.

Regulated profession

Certain professions are regulated under Swedish law, which lays down the requirements for practitioners – for example a particular degree or diploma, or an authorisation, registration or other formal qualification. "Authorised electrician" is a regulated profession.

To become an authorised electrician you need to apply to the National Electrical Safety Board for authorisation. To obtain authorisation you must meet an education requirement and a practical experience requirement. The requirements are contained in the National Electrical Safety Board's authorisation requirements ELSÄK-FS 2017:4. To find out more about the requirements, see our Education and Practical experience pages.

All authorised electricians are registered with the National Electrical Safety Board.

Authorisation types

Authorised electrician have different types of authorisation. The kinds of electrical installation work you are allowed to do depend on your authorisation type.

Authorisation types

What are you allowed to do when you receive an authorisation?

When an authorised electrician works for business purposes, he or she must be covered by an electrical installation company's self-audit scheme. The self-audit scheme determines what kinds of work an individual is allowed to do on behalf of the company.

Authorised electricians are also allowed to carry out electrical installation work privately, in other words not on behalf of an electrical installation company. However, this must be on a non-commercial basis, and the electrical installation work must be covered by the authorisation.

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Last reviewed: 2023-05-02