Organisationskarta ritad med vit krita på svarta tavlan.


The National Electrical Safety Board has around 55 employees and is headed by the Director General Anders Persson from the head office in Kristinehamn.

This is also where the Business Support, Products and Analysis departments are based, as well as the western regional office of the Facilities department.

Regional supervisory offices

The Facilities department is responsible for supervising electrical systems and electrical installation work all over the country. The electrical inspectors also work with the police and prosecutors to investigate electrical accidents and electrical fires. The four regional offices are located in Hässleholm, Kristinehamn, Stockholm and Umeå.

Electrical Safety Council

The Electrical Safety Council is the advisory council of the National Electrical Safety Board. The Electrical Safety Council has ten government-appointed members. The Council's task is to assist the Director General of the National Electrical Safety Board in issues relating to its activities.

Last reviewed: 2022-11-24