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Report illegal electrical installation work to the police

If you come across illegal electrical installation work, you should report it to the police as a violation of the Electrical Safety Act (2016:732).

It is a criminal offence for someone to carry out electrical installation work without being authorised for the work or without being covered by the self-audit scheme of an electrical installation company. Illegal electrical installation work of this kind is a matter for the public prosecutor and is not investigated by the National Electrical Safety Board. Instead, you must make a police report.

Making a police report

Anyone can make a police report, and the police are required to process the report. When you make a police report, it helps if you can provide details about:

  • who did the electrical installation work.
  • the time and location (the property) of the electrical installation work.
  • a description of the work carried out.
  • the potential risks associated with the poorly completed work.
  • who is submitting the report.

Report to the National Electrical Safety Board

For the above reasons, illegal electrical installation work is not reported to the National Electrical Safety Board. You can, though, report issues with an electrical system or an electrical installation company to us. But before doing so, you should contact the company or the custodian of the system in question to give them an opportunity to identify and address the issues. If the system custodian or the company does not take the necessary action, you should send a report to the National Electrical Safety Board.

Last reviewed: 2022-11-24