Application fee

There is also an application fee to pay when applying for authorisation.

The application fee is SEK 1 660 and should be paid to the National Electrical Safety Board's bank giro number 503-0333.

From outside Sweden, please pay the application fee to:
IBAN: SE2012000000012810104492

It is important to include your name and personal ID number (yyyymmdd-nnnn) as the payment reference/message. We need this information in order to match the payment with your application. If you do not have a Swedish ID number, state your name and date of birth.

The application process will begin only when both the application and the application fee have been received.

If the application fee is not paid within seven days after we have received your application documents, we will send you a reminder. If the application fee is still not paid by the stated date, the National Electrical Safety Board will reject your application.

Last reviewed: 2020-12-12