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Registering a foreign company

Any company carrying out electrical installation work on an installation which is not its own must register with the National Electrical Safety Board and operate a self-audit scheme before starting the work.

The easiest way to register is to use our e-service. Before starting the registration process, please work through our checklist and guide below. This will save you time and will help you ensure that the information you send us is correct.

Pre-registration checklist

You should have the following details ready before starting the registration process:

  1. Self-audit scheme
  2. Duration of the work
  3. Compliance officer (see below for more details)
  4. Activity types
  5. Contact information

Compliance officer

Your company must have at least one compliance officer. The individual(s) performing this function are set out in the company’s self-audit scheme. Choose one of these individuals to register.
When you register, you also need to state whether the company will carry out electrical installation work in Sweden temporarily or indefinitely (permanent activity). Depending on which of these applies to your company, the compliance officer is subject to different authorisation requirements.
If the work in Sweden is temporary, the compliance officer must have

  • a Swedish authorisation, or
  • an authorisation from another EEA country or Switzerland

If the work in Sweden is indefinite, your electrician must have a Swedish authorisation.
The electrician’s authorisation must cover the activity types the company works with.

Applying for authorisation

If your electrician requires a Swedish authorisation, an application can be made to the National Electrical Safety Board.
Remember it is not a requirement that everyone working in the company is an authorised electrician – but they must be covered by the company’s self-audit scheme.

Company registration guide

Our company registration guide contains more information about the points in the checklist and how to register your electrical installation company.

Ready to go?

Have you completed the checklist? You are now ready to register your company.
E-service for company registration

Last reviewed: 2020-12-12