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Your electrical products

As a user, you must always make sure that your products are safe to use. You are also responsible for ensuring that the products are used and maintained in a way that does not compromise safety.

An electrical product is an appliance, device or other object that produces, transmits, uses or consumes electricity. Examples of electrical products include tumble dryers, lights, food processors and mobile chargers. Electrical products are also the electrical components which go into an electrical product, such as plugs or switches. Electrical systems, too, are made up of different kinds of electrical products, such as installation cables, junction boxes, fuses and residual current devices.

What makes electrical products safe?

There are several things to keep in mind if you want to be certain that the electrical products you buy and use are safe:

  • Only buy products that meet the requirements for electrical products, and always ask the retailer the right questions. There is a checklist on the Checklist when buying products page.
  • Always read the instructions and safety information to find out how to use, maintain and look after the product. If there is any uncertainty, contact the seller of the product.
  • Only use the products as intended and in the environment as it is intended for. For example, an electrical product designed for indoor use must not be used outdoors. Make sure the product has the right IP class. The IP class indicates how well protected the product is against water, dust, etc.
  • Check your electrical products regularly to see if there is any wear and tear, and to uncover faults. There is a checklist on the Check your electrical products page.
  • If there is something wrong with the product you must inform the retailer so they can address the issues. If you do not own the product yourself, it is important that you alert the owner of the product as quickly as possible.
  • Stop using a product if you notice damage or faults of any kind.
  • Take extra care if you live in an old building. Old electrical systems were not designed to cope with the way electrical products are used today, and the wiring can potentially be overloaded.

Report dangerous products to us

If your product catches fire, melts, overheats or otherwise proves to be dangerous, you can report it to the National Electrical Safety Board. You can also report the electrical product if it causes interference with other electrical equipment. Send your report to

The National Electrical Safety Board is the market surveillance authority

To verify that electrical products are safe and do not cause interference with other electrical products, the National Electrical Safety Board carries out hundreds of market surveillance checks every year. Our checks cover electrical products aimed at consumers as well as electrical products for professional use. If we find that an electrical product is dangerous, a sales ban can be decided as well as a recall from the market.

Last reviewed: 2023-03-30