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For people working with electricity

From 1 July 2017, electrical contractors and electricians will be subject to new requirements.

Electrical contractors

Several important changes affect you if you are an electrical contractor.

The company will take over the supervision of electricians.

The electrical contractors currently supervising electricians will not carry on doing so in the same way. Instead, it is up to the company to establish a self-audit scheme to ensure that the people carrying out electrical installations have the right skills and that the work is done correctly, etc. Electrical contractors may be given a special role as the company’s Compliance Officer.

Work will be guided by the company’s self-audit scheme

Even if you are authorised, work must always be done in accordance with the company’s self-audit scheme.

Compliance Officer

Some electrical contractors will be given a new role. Every company must have at least one electrical contractor to help ensure that all work is done in compliance with the Electrical Safety Act and associated regulations – this person is called the Compliance Officer.

Electrical contractors carrying out electrical installation work must be covered by the company’s self-audit scheme and the work must always be done in accordance with the scheme.

About authorisation

The National Electrical Safety Board decides whether to authorise electrical contractors on the basis of an application. Electrical contractors who already have an old-style authorisation do not need to reapply. The old authorisation will be converted automatically to a new authorisation.

Any electrical contractors can have their authorisation revoked if there are good reasons for doing so. However, your authorisation cannot be taken away from you for reasons that are out of your control.

We propose renaming the authorisations without making any substantive changes. According to a proposal submitted by the National Electrical Safety Board during the consultation process, certain changes mean that the new-style authorisation will be broader in scope than the old-style authorisation. To find out more, see pages 30-31 of the brochure "Nya regler för elarbete" (Swedish pdf, 1 MB, 40 pages).

Check which authorisation you have and which authorisation is required for the particular activity type so you know the companies for which you can act as Compliance Officer.


From 1 July 2017, your work will be supervised by the company or companies you work for.

The work is guided by the company’s self-audit scheme

After the reform, electricians who currently work under the supervision of an electrical contractor will be instead covered by the company’s self-audit scheme. The self-audit scheme will determine what work you are allowed to do and the methods used.

Work must always be done in accordance with the company’s self-audit scheme.

An electrician is not allowed to carry out electrical installation work privately or outside a company’s self-audit scheme.

An authorisation will open up more opportunities

If you meet the authorisation criteria, go ahead and apply! An electrical contractor authorisation opens up more opportunities, for example you could work as a Compliance Officer for your own company or elsewhere.

Responsible: Camilla Arnäs-Nielsen
Published: 2016-12-07
Updated: 2016-12-07