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For companies buying electrical installation services

New electrical safety rules are coming into force on 1 July. They will also affect companies which buy electrical installation services.

Check the electrical installation company

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From 1 July 2017, the National Electrical Safety Board will publish a register of all companies working with electricity. You will be able to consult it at any time to check that it contains the electrical installation company you are using.

Remember that a company acting as a general contractor which always buys in electrical installation services from outsiders is not considered to be an electrical installation company. This also means that the general contractor will not be included in the National Electrical Safety Board’s register of companies. In this situation, the general contractor should let you know the company carrying out the electrical installations so that you, the customer, can check the company in the register.

Does your company own one or more properties using electricity?

If so you are a system owner, making you responsible for:

  • ensuring that the system is safe,
  • taking action if problems emerge,
  • providing the electrical installation company with the necessary information about the system and the work,
  • checking that the company carrying out electrical installation work on the system is contained in the National Electrical Safety Board’s register of electrical installation companies.

Go here to see all the rules applicable to the system owner.

Responsible: Camilla Arnäs-Nielsen
Published: 2016-12-07
Updated: 2016-12-07