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Information on Application for Authorisation as Authorised Electrician in Sweden

Personal Data

The Swedish National Electrical Safety Board is responsible for the personal data you provide when applying and for ensuring that it is treated in accordance with the Personal Data Act (1998:204). This includes name, social security number, address and contact details etc.

The processing of the personal data submitted by applicants is mainly done in the file processing system and the authorisation register kept by the Swedish National Electrical Safety Board. Personal data must be collected and processed in order for the Swedish National Electrical Safety Board to handle applications and to register authorisations granted. The collected data are also used by the Swedish National Electrical Safety Board when providing information about registered Authorised electricians, inspection, and answering other questions. The registered information may be provided on request unless secrecy applies to the information.

To learn more about how the Swedish National Electrical Safety Board handles your personal data, you may request a transcript. You also have the right to have your personal data corrected.  


Your application for authorisation as an Authorised electrician will be processed when the application and application fee have been received by the Swedish National Electrical Safety Board. Applicants with Swedish qualifications are required to have a certain education and practical experience. The requirements differ depending on the type of authorisation you are applying for. If you apply with Swedish qualifications, you should attach certified copies of relevant education and practical experience to your application. Be sure to find out what the requirements are for the type of authorisation that you are applying for.

Information is available on the webpage as well as in the Swedish National Electrical Safety Board’s regulations regarding authorisation of Authorised electricians.

Your application must include the following:

Application Form

A fully completed and signed application form.


Your application must include certificates of education relevant to the type of authorisation applied for. If the certificate does not clearly show that the education meets the requirements in the regulations ELSÄK-FS 2013:1, you may enclose the course and program content of the education listed so that the Swedish Electrical Safety Board can determine if the education meets the requirements.

Practical experience

Your application must also include verification of practical experience. The verification must be issued by the Authorised electrician who supervised your practical experience and be completed on the appropriate form for practical experience. This form is available at www.elsakerhetsverket.se. Practical experience requirements for the respective authorisation type are specified in the Swedish National Electrical Safety Board’s regulations ELSÄK-FS 2013:1. 3 (3).

If you, as a part of your practical experience, claim experience acquired through electrical installation work as referred to in Chapter 1. 1 §, second section ELSÄK-FS 2013:1, such practical experience should be verified by enclosing references or a certification of employment. Practical experience acquired in a EEA country other than Sweden, may be accepted as part of the regulated practical experience on approval by the Swedish National Electrical Safety Board in each individual case.

For applicants with qualifications from another EEA Country

Generally speaking, applicants with qualifications from an EEA country other than Sweden who have a licence, authorisation or corresponding certification from their home country, will usually be granted the corresponding authorisation in Sweden upon application to the Swedish National Electrical Safety Board (in accordance with directive 2005/36/EC). Supporting documentation verifying that you have a licence/authorisation in your home country must be enclosed.

Application Fee

Before your application can be processed, payment of an application fee must be made to the Swedish National Electrical Safety Board. The application fee is 1 350 SEK and should be paid into the Swedish National Electrical Safety Board (Elsäkerhetsverkets) bank account 503-0333.

For payments outside Sweden, the payment details are: IBAN SE2012000000012810104492 SWIFT / BIC DABASESX.

Note: You should enter the name and social security number as a reference/message on the payment details.

If the Swedish National Electrical Safety Board has not received the application fee within seven days after receiving your application, a reminder will be sent to you. If the application fee is still not paid within the specified time, the Swedish National Electrical Safety Board will reject your application.

Responsible: Per Höjevik
Published: 2016-04-14
Updated: 2016-07-05